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Everyone welcome especially those whom saver fine food and coffee.

About Us

Best Restaurants Angeles City

. When searching for one of the best restaurants Angeles City they often told about Hana’s Les Paul Specialty Cafe. Our cafe serves tasty American and European "home-cooked" style foods. We serve the type of food and beverages that all ages and nationalities enjoy.

The concept, design, and décor of Hana’s Cafe was the 'brainchild" of the owner, Hannah. Her idea was to create an amazing & relaxing atmosphere that presents the idea to her specialty coffee shop guests that they are entering the comforts and memories of the past. It offers a place to feel relaxed and at ease.

The vision of Hana’s specialty coffee in Pampanga is that it will spread rapidly throughout the province and be enjoyed by all Kapampangan and all other Coffee Lovers.